Things to Do In Pinedale, WY


In the summer, popular things to do in Pinedale, WY include boating, water skiing, and fishing on Fremont Lake. Fly fishing on the nearby Green and New Fork Rivers is also a great option. If you enjoy horseback riding, biking, or hiking the surrounding trails and mountains are the perfect place to go. All non-motorized boats at our marina are free for our guests to use on the lake.

Fly fishing equipment and guides are available at Two Rivers Emporium. World-class rock climbing is offered on the nearby Cirque of the Towers. Try your golf swing at the Rendezvous Meadows Golf Course, check out the Mountain Man Museum, or relax and play on the beaches of the lake. No matter what your interests are, there is no shortage of activities or things to do in Pinedale, WY.


In the winter, go cross-country skiing right from your cabin, snowmobile on the nearby trails, or try downhill skiing on the nearby slopes at White Pine Ski Area. Also, enjoy seeing the deer and other wild life come by the lodge and cabins in the evenings.

Yellowstone and Jackson Hole

Outside of things to do in Pinedale, WY, we often have guests going to and from Yellowstone National Park and Jackson Hole. Both places offer wonderful activities for everyone to enjoy all year long. No matter your destination, be sure to make us a part of your vacation.

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